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Why not bring your show to the Barrfields?

For over 80 years, Barrfields Pavilion Theatre has served as an entertainment venue for Largs and its many surrounding towns and villages, presenting comedy, music, variety, pantomime and drama.


Situated on Scotland's beautiful Clyde coast, with fantastic views from the view of Scottish islands, Barrfields is Scotland's oldest seaside pavilion theatre - dozens of which used to grace the shores of tourist resorts.  


With 470 seats, it can accomodate a wide range of events, every seat in the auditorium offers a good view - no pillars to get in the way of enjoying a show.


The auditorium itself is flexible, and can arranged in a number of setup depending on your requirements.


Front of house faciltiies are well run with a 24 hour online booking system also in place, with a well-run bar facility for our patrons in the Vikingar Winter Garden.   Our friendly staff will be there to help with any query and we ensure that patrons have the best experience possible when attending one of our productions.


Barrfields User Group can also oversee all promotion and advertising for your production from national and local press, to regional and local radio.


Backstage dressing rooms are well equipped, complete with showers, and a green room for cast and crew can be provided upon request.


We look forward to welcoming YOUR production to Barrfields Theatre.


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