Barrfields Theatre Largs

Built: 1930

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Scotland's Seaside

Pavilion Theatre

83 Years Old...

The Barrfields  Theatre in Largs is one of Scotland's most significant entertainment venues, the last fully operational seaside pavilion theatre in Scotland.


First opened in 1930, designed by architect William Barclay, the theatre was built as a popular variety theatre and concert hall (originally 1003 seats) and throughout most of the twentieth century, well into the 1970s was the home of one of Britain's most respected summer variety seasons.


Over the years, top names  such as Billy Connolly,  Marti Pellow, Rikki Fulton, Stanley Baxter, Frankie Vaughan, Chic Murray, Jimmy Logan, Elaine C Smith have all headlned shows at Barrfields...even Kylie Minogue made an appearance for a BBC recording at one point.  


Ryan is currently writing a book on the history of our theatre.  If you have any memories to share or any memorabellia you think might useful, please get in touch by clicking here.

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