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Barrfields User Group

The Barrfields Theatre User Group was formed in 2012 to develop and promote the Barrfields Theatre facility.  


Barrfields Theatre User Group is a constituted organisation run by members of the five main users of Barrfields Theatre. The group has been set up to be non profit making and it's main mission is to upgrade and improve the facility for both it's users and audience alike.


To do this we intend to generate income by increasing the number of professional performances being staged at Barrfields, applying for both local and national funding, fundraising ventures and donations.


All income generated will then be 100% used to upgrade Barrfields Theatre technical facilities and appearance.

Chair -                              

Treasurer -                      

Secretary -                      

Technical -                      

Bar managers -                

Committee members -




Co-opted members -


Allan Hill

David Page

Jill Gilchrist

Stuart McKinnon

Stephen Walsh

Ryan Moir, Drew Cochrane,              

Sandy Cunningham, Andrew Braniff,

Louise Milligan, Lynne Cameron-Finn

Colleen Garrett, Gerry Boyle

Gillian MCulloch, Johann McIntyre